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De Siedder / The Sower
De Siedder / The Sower

A collection of articles written in Canada to Friesland on an emigrant’s experience in the new world

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Front cover of Jubilee. Features samples of Meindert's writing (in Friesian) as the background.
Jubilee: Memoirs of Meindert Polet

The Memoirs of Meindert Polet, translated by his son Tom from Friesian to English.

13.50 CAD - 15.00 CAD
Out of Bondage

"Indian religion has signs and wonders, but no salvation."—Adolphus Kootenay

18.00 CAD - 20.00 CAD
I Came to Conquer Your Planet Earth by Jared Robinson is a book that shows Love conquers the desire to conquer the earth
I Came to Conquer Your Planet Earth
What happens when an alien is set on conquering your planet? How can you stop him?
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