Ties that Bind

Ties that Bind
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Compiled by:
Martina Keast
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A collection of letters, poems, and stories about connections.

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Thank you for your courageous faithfulness to “step up to the plate”,
even though you do not always have any say in what’s being served. You
have been an example and role model to not only women and men in
the church but also staff at Hope Mission. God has allowed you many
past “tough times” to prepare you like Joseph of the Old Testament for
tough ministry you are now leading in. Seeing the women at Wellspring
the last two Wednesdays has given me an even greater appreciation of
the trust that God has given you to Shepherd sheep because you have
been trustworthy. When I think of your ministry I think of the leader
Deborah of the Old Testament, called by God not to only lead women,
but also men (Judges Chapter 4 & 5). She not only was judge settling
disputes as you now do at Wellspring, she also lead the men warriors
into warfare which you are doing with the men working with you. Keep
up the fight of faith as in Judges 5:12 and continue to sing and play.
“Wake up, wake up, Deborah! Wake up, wake up, Deborah, and break
into song!”
- Alan and Catherine Pysar (2008?)

I believe that Isaiah 61 is a passage of promise to you. I believe that
praise is a key for the refreshing that the Lord desires to pour out on
you. You have been a great blessing and the Lord desires to take you
deeper into Him so that He can multiply what He has already done
in your life. There are many “will” promises in the passages that are
significant. Personally, I like the promises that refer to your descendants
and offspring being known among the nations!
– Randy Loewen (2009)

Your little book has such a big message; messages of love, honor, care
and concern. Thank you for helping people, including me, to heal and
leading us towards wholeness through God.
– Toby Mary Roach-Yule (2012)



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