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129 Miracle Stories
Celebrating 15 years of outreach Ministry
12.50 CAD
A Doctors Life by Dr. Joseph Lauerman
A Doctor's Life
Memoirs of My Medical Practice
7.20 CAD - 8.00 CAD
A Hope to Live

The story of two young people; the first of whom is a university instructor of the Siite sect, the second is his Sunni student.

8.50 CAD
A Life in Pieces by Lana Buoy
A Life in Pieces
A Piece-by-Piece Guide to Realizing Harmony in Families, Schools and Communities
13.50 CAD - 15.00 CAD
A Search for Two Quarters by Elizabeth McBain
A Search for Two Quarters
One Hollander's Adventures in a Young Canada
21.95 CAD
A Simple Spirituality
A Simple Spirituality

Part memoir, A Simple Spirituality is a shadowy version of an individual’s formation of a faith that stretches to encompass grief, joy and an ever evolving and complicated life.

12.00 CAD
A Slighlty Tainted Hero

A panicked, sixty-year-old accountant successfully tackles and armed mugger, only to find past sins emerge as his instant fame goes viral.

19.95 CAD
African Stories By Augustine T. Marah
African Stories

African Stories accompanied by Songs in Limba. 2015: Updated with five new stories.

10.00 CAD
Alchemy Book One by Joel Abrahamson
Alchemy Book One
A Pop-Pulp Noir Graphic Novel
20.00 CAD
Aloysia Anne Fedyna - Biography of an Angel
Aloysia Anne Fedyna - Biography of an Angel

Highly personal in tone and filled with never-before-told conversations and anecdotes, this is the story of a family and how they not only coped with the trying realities life threw at them, but how they made the best of it, living every day. Her 56-year marriage to Victor was truly taken from the pages of a fairy tale; their automatic bond survived and thrived along the way.

25.20 CAD - 28.00 CAD
Ancient Stories of the Cushite People by Abdirisak Esse
Ancient Stories of the Cushite People
Traditional African oral stories now written for history.
12.00 CAD
Anecdotes of Would be Experts by Arthur Thorman
Anecdotes of Would-Be Experts


We tend to take some situations in business and life much too seriously...

19.99 CAD
Animal Revolution
Animal Revolution

The revolt of our earthly animals towards
humans, and a series of interesting
coincidences, all combined with
romance, action, suspense and drama
on a twelve-day Mediterranean cruise

15.25 CAD - 16.95 CAD
Ayaan: Inheritor of Faded Dreams by Abdirisak Esse
Ayaan: Inheritor of Faded Dreams
Ayaan is based on a true story of a little Somali girl whose world collapsed.
12.00 CAD
Bend Like The Willow

"Susan Glasier has written a riveting memoir that reads like a novel. Bend Like the Willow is one of those rare books that gets under your skin and enters the bloodstream. It left me in tears."—Wolfgang Carstens, Epic Rites Press

22.27 CAD - 24.75 CAD
Biography of a Bonehead By Allan E Nessel
Biography of a Bonehead


This project worked out,

not everything else did…read on

15.00 CAD
Bobo and the Wolf by Robert Faltin
Bobo and the Wolf
Another bedtime story
12.00 CAD
Bobo Gets a Big Surprise by Robert Faltin
Bobo Gets a Big Surprise
The final bedtime story
15.00 CAD
Bobo's Cabin by R.J. Faltin
Bobo's Cabin

A Very Long BedTime Story

15.00 CAD
Bright Baubles and Tarnish Trinkets By Audrey Weldon Reid
Bright Baubles, Tarnished Trickets

More childhood tales from a farm near the town of Athabasca.

15.00 CAD



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