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106 Ways to Deal With Grief
106 Ways to Deal with Grief

Drawn from personal experience and from that of others who experienced the loss of a loved one, author Kathy Briant lists 106 Ways to Deal with Grief. Easy to read, yet poignant, using insight gained from experience, and knowing first hand the suffering that people in the midst of grief go through, these 106 suggestions are a good addition to the literature on grief.

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7 Essential habits of Christian Writers
7 Essential Habits of Christian Writers

Could your personal and writing habits be holding you back from becoming a successful writer?

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With interger physical constants
Exact Physics and Gravitation: Probabilistic, Relativistic, Kinetic

The classical System International (SI) physics created fantastic technology while being unclear about basic facts of reality. Although no changes are allowed by conservatives, the integer physical constants model proposed discovered numerous new features of physics and gravitation.

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From Antiquity to the Reformation by Harry J. Groenewold
From Antiquity to the Reformation

A Christian View of History

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Hawkeye's Diary of Indian Crafts and Information Volume II by D.G. Strickland  is about Indian Crafts and Information
Hawkeye's Diary of Indian Crafts and Information Volume II

HAWKEYE’S DIARY OF INDIAN CRAFTS AND INFORMATION is a working manual for the teaching and making of many native craft objects.

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Jenny Brock and the Amazing Birds on Her Block
Jenny Brock and the Amazing Birds on Her Block

Jenny is a Young Girl With a Passion for Wild Birds

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Jewel of the North

If you love to garden, and share the desire to attract hummingbirds to your yard, then this guide is for you. It is filled with years of research on how to attract and keep hummingbirds around your yard.

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Manufacturers of Milk Bottles for Western Canada

A reference and guide for Canadian milk bottle collectors, relating to the companies in Canada and the U.S. who made milk bottles for use by dairies and creameries in Western Canada.

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Milk Bottles of Alberta: Volume 1

A detailed look at the suprising variety of milk bottles used by 80  Alberta dairies over the years, along with histories and details for collectors.

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Milk Bottles of Alberta: Volume 2 Second Edition

A detailed look at the suprising variety of milk bottles used by Alberta dairies over the years, expanding on the bottles covered in Volume 1.

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Milk Bottles of Saskatchewan

A detailed look at the suprising variety of milk bottles used by Saskatchewan dairies over the years.

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Milk Delivery in the Battlefords

A history of the three dozen large and small dairies that delivered milk in Battleford and North Battleford.

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Miniature Orchard 2nd Edition
Miniature Orchard 2nd Edition

Men must have been growing plants in containers soon after settling down more permanently. While gardeners in Canada have no problem growing ornamental trees indoor, almost all plant growing in containers in the outdoor are confined to annuals. Many Canadians believe only annuals are suitable as our climate is too harsh for growing trees in containers. Hence, of the many trees that are purchased each year almost all are destined for planting in the ground. The assumptions that trees are big and need lots of air and root spaces, and endless care may be reasonable. Strong winds toppling down pots and trees only lend more reason for staying away from growing trees in containers. There are some truths to these presumptions but there are ways to overcome or prevent all these shortcomings.

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Probabilistic, Exact Physics and Secrets of Gravitation by S. M. Zoledziowski
Probabilistic, Exact Physics and Secrets of Gravitation

Based on discovered integer cubic physical constants of the digital universe.

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Front Cover
Surviving Chemotherapy

A book of information and tips on dealing with chemotherapy, from someone who's survived it herself.

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The Dairies of Red Deer

A history of dairies that provided retail delivery of milk in Red Deer, Alberta.

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The Milk Bottles of Edmonton City Dairy - Third Edition

This 85 page book provides information about Edmonton City Dairy (ECD), details and photos of the bottles used by the Dairy, and details and photos of a myriad of promotional items, boxes and cartons and other business items used by ECD.

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The Second Front By Scott Nicholas Romniuk
The Second Front
THE SECOND FRONT presents an arresting account of the conception of D-Day, exploring the principle verities that dictated the planning and execution of the Allied operation.
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The Triumph of Modernity by Harry J. Groenewold
The Triumph of Modernity
Christian World History From 1648 to the end of the 20th Century
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Trilingual edition of the Vles knyha manuscript

Vles Knyha is an ancient manuscript, inscribed on wooden boards, consisting of a set of patriotic discourses. This work is also a brief recorded tale of a clan of Slavens, which during various eras called itself Rushtis, Rosh, Rusiches, or Ruses.

To date almost all scholars who have studied and commented on the Vles Knyha manuscript have been either of Russian or Ukrainian ancestry.  The main purpose of this trilingual publication is to provide non-Slavic scholars with a complete and easy access to the entire text of Vles Knyha in English.

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