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"Poetry is language at its most distilled and most powerful."—Rita Dove


A New Journey
A New Journey

A New Journey is a collection of poems that reflect the way life has taken me. Along the way I have met countless people who were also searching for a new beginning or a new journey.

~ Francisco Fwallah

10.00 CAD
A Path to the New World book cover
A Path to the New World

A path to the New World is a book of futuristic spiritual poetry. Ben Sichkaryk shares his journey into a new world of love and peace.

19.35 CAD - 21.50 CAD
A Standard of Excellence by Ric Rawson
A Standard of Excellence

An exclusive collection of the poetry of Ric Rawson.

20.00 CAD
About the Blue Moon - Haiku, Senryu and Tanka by Joanne Morcom
About the Blue Moon
Haiku, Senryu and Tanka
18.00 CAD
An Enduring Relevance

A collection of poetry by Ric Rawson, ranging from the amusing to the inspirational.

20.00 CAD
Balkan Tattoo by Edin Viso is poetry by Edin Visio from Yugoslavia
Balkan Tattoo

“There are calluses on the palms, dried blood on the knuckles, and dirt under the fingernails of these pieces. And there is grace.”—Stephen T. Berg

15.30 CAD - 17.00 CAD
Break the Silence
Break the Silence

When we are faced with challenges, such as health issues, depression, addictions or a personal crisis, we can find strength, hope and love from family and friends.

6.97 CAD - 7.75 CAD
Experience: the Best Source of Knowledge

Stories and poems  penned by Allan Morison, recalling his prairie upbringing, his work as a prison guard at the minimum security Bowden Institution, and the friends and family he has shared life with over the years.

30.00 CAD
Christine Falk
First and Jasper

A tribute of Jasper Avenue in poetry and pictures.


8.75 CAD
A poetry Collection

I went to a meeting one night and went up for prayer. I went home and had a sleep and when I got up I started getting lines and verses in my head. I wrote for about 14 hours (wrote 3 new pens out of ink), had a sleep and wrote for about another 14 or 15 hours. It was like the Lord was sitting right beside me. I pray the words in this book reach out and touch you.

12.60 CAD - 14.00 CAD
The front cover of For Your Heart Sincerely My Soul
For Your Heart Sincerely My Soul

A book of poetry by Daniel Piller

12.50 CAD
Hitchhiking in the Hospital by Shirley Serviss
Hitchhiking in the Hospital

Poetry by Shirley A. Serviss

15.00 CAD
I Came to Conquer Your Planet Earth by Jared Robinson is a book that shows Love conquers the desire to conquer the earth
I Came to Conquer Your Planet Earth
What happens when an alien is set on conquering your planet? How can you stop him?
10.00 CAD
Jalomi - God Has Renewed Me by Dahlia Joan Ross
Jalomi - God Has Renewed Me
God Has Renewed Me
10.00 CAD
Journey's Far and Near
Journeys Far and Near: tanka roads

Sorry temporaily out of  stock

With Journeys, Sanford Goldstein confirms his status as the most iconic figure in English-language tanka.

20.00 CAD
Journeys Through My Heart by Debbie Chotard
Journeys Through My Heart

Poetry by Debbie Chotard

24.95 CAD
Just Because

A collection of light verse and nonsense by Gwen Molnar.

13.45 CAD - 14.95 CAD
Just Ignore the Beer Stains
Just Ignore the Beer Stains

I Met Lewis
at the
diamond cabaret
on tuesday night
& for two hours
we discussed
poets & poems...

13.45 CAD - 14.95 CAD
Mistresses, Maniacs and Madwomen
Mistresses, Maniacs and Madwomen

Mistresses, Maniacs, and Madwomen is a collection
of emotions from women transcribed into poems.

Disclaimer: Mature subject matter

This item is out of stock
My Garden of Inspiration by Karin Kossman
My Garden of Inspiration

It's important to do things for each other but it's just as important to do things for yourself.


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