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106 Ways to Deal With Grief
106 Ways to Deal with Grief

Drawn from personal experience and from that of others who experienced the loss of a loved one, author Kathy Briant lists 106 Ways to Deal with Grief. Easy to read, yet poignant, using insight gained from experience, and knowing first hand the suffering that people in the midst of grief go through, these 106 suggestions are a good addition to the literature on grief.

11.65 CAD - 12.95 CAD
30 day Journal of Thankfulness, Success & Joy
30 Day Journal of Thankfulness, Success & Joy

A 30-day journal to help you focus on the good in your life.

13.75 CAD
40 Days by Dan Friesen
40 Days
A Collection of Devotions and Inspiration
9.75 CAD
A Doctors Life by Dr. Joseph Lauerman
A Doctor's Life
Memoirs of My Medical Practice
7.20 CAD - 8.00 CAD
A Life in Pieces by Lana Buoy
A Life in Pieces
A Piece-by-Piece Guide to Realizing Harmony in Families, Schools and Communities
13.50 CAD - 15.00 CAD
A Search for Two Quarters by Elizabeth McBain
A Search for Two Quarters
One Hollander's Adventures in a Young Canada
21.95 CAD
A Taste of Northwestern Ontario
A Taste of Northwestern Ontario

Over 400 recipes of Northwestern Ontario by Florence LaPointe

20.00 CAD
About My Books
About My Books

Some people do not have the time to read any of
my books and a brief synopsis of each book may
suffice for them, or get them interested enough to read
the book.

~Arthur Thormann~

14.95 CAD
African Stories By Augustine T. Marah
African Stories

African Stories accompanied by Songs in Limba. 2015: Updated with five new stories.

10.00 CAD
Anecdotes of Would be Experts by Arthur Thorman
Anecdotes of Would-Be Experts


We tend to take some situations in business and life much too seriously...

19.99 CAD
Balkan Tattoo by Edin Viso is poetry by Edin Visio from Yugoslavia
Balkan Tattoo

“There are calluses on the palms, dried blood on the knuckles, and dirt under the fingernails of these pieces. And there is grace.”—Stephen T. Berg

15.30 CAD - 17.00 CAD
Building the Lighthouse
Building The Lighthouse

The story of the develpment of the Protestant School district in St. Albert, Alberta

15.95 CAD

Making connections explains most of our thoughts and actions.

14.95 CAD

Commentaries is a collection of original and unedited articles by the author.

8.00 CAD
Conclusions Volume 1
Conclusions Volume 1

People like to reach conclusions, and sometimes they
reach wrong conclusions.

14.95 CAD
Conclusions Volume 2
Conclusions Volume 2

Reaching conclusions can be a short or a lengthy process, and sometimes the desire to reach a conclusion may be absent. However, even with a desire to reach a conclusion, the ability to do so may be missing; this inability does not just apply to ordinary people but also to people involved with governments and big businesses.

14.95 CAD
Developing the Spiritual Life by Len Thompson and Dayna Mazzuca
Developing the Spiritual Life

Six Sessions for Groups or Individuals

10.00 CAD
Discerning a Deeper Sense of Call by Len Thompson
Discerning a Deeper Sense

Six Studies on the spiritual life for Groups or Individuals

10.00 CAD

This book is the result of a ten year journey exploring truth.

15.00 CAD
From Antiquity to the Reformation by Harry J. Groenewold
From Antiquity to the Reformation

A Christian View of History

19.00 CAD



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