Freedom to publish is a cornerstone of democracy and vital to human expression and growth. Publishing enables voices to be heard, discussions to occur, paradigms to shift and understanding to develop. “Could we ever know each other in the slightest without the arts?” asks Gabrielle Roy on our twenty dollar bill. Creations are meant to be shared, and it is through many voices that our tapestry takes shape and our understanding grows. When published, words and images are honed and polished; there is opportunity for review and editing, for choice and order, for persuasion and reflection. PageMaster understands this call of giving voice, creating space and facilitating open dialogue.

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The Front cover of The Comfort of His Shadow. Features a photograph of a tree covered in pink flowers.
The Comfort of His Shadow

A collection of short stories and poems by Phyllis Sabine Huxley, each centered on a Passage from The Bible, accompanied by the photography of Gordon A. Huxley.

18.00 CAD
Ties that Bind

A collection of letters, poems, and stories about connections.

10.00 CAD
The front cover of Cream Can Romance
Cream Can Romance

We don’t choose our ancestors. They are our roots, a part of our make up, our bloodline. Sometimes events in their lives have been purposely concealed from us, but nevertheless, they have helped to mold and define us, and shaped our families. First they impacted our grand-parents, and later our own parents would be shaping our lives with their heritage and traditions.

22.46 CAD - 24.95 CAD
Jewel of the North

If you love to garden, and share the desire to attract hummingbirds to your yard, then this guide is for you. It is filled with years of research on how to attract and keep hummingbirds around your yard.

17.05 CAD - 18.95 CAD
The front cover of What My Teacher Can Teach from A to Z
What My Teacher Can Teach From A to Z

Mr Emefa can teach you to be just about anything!

11.66 CAD - 12.95 CAD
Ordinary Guy Extraordinary Marriage by Terry Bachynski
Ordinary Guy Extraordinary Marriage
After the wedding lace and confetti comes a lifetime of choice.
20.00 CAD
Front Cover, showing half of a smiling boy's face
Only Son... Only Child: a journey through love (epub Version)

Only Son... Only Child is a true story of love, faith and trust conquering the most challenging of life’s situations – a child in critical condition.

5.99 CAD
The front cover of the bittersweet journey.
The Bittersweet Journey

A collection of poetry of Priscilla Laudon.

19.80 CAD - 22.00 CAD


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